Senshi Vs. Senshi
This Month's Contenders...


Vital Statistics

Sailor Mercury                               Sailor Neptune 
Name: Mizuno Ami                             Name: Kaiou Michiru
Birthday: September 10                       Birthday: March 6
Blood Type: A                                Blood Type: O
Hobby: reading, chess                        Hobby: collecting cosmetics
Senshi Position: Inner                       Senshi Position: Outer
Element: Water                               Element: Ocean
Fighting Style: Defensive                    Fighting Style: Offensive
Secret Weapons: None                         Secret Weapons: Deep Aqua Mirror
Damaging Attack: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody       Damaging Attack: Deep Submerge

Okay, so how exactly would Sailor Mercury match up to Sailor Neptune? Well, we put both Sailor Senshi in a high-tech space age computers, we took the information supplied by us and a special team of animators to come up with the ultimate match up! Unfortunatly, the animation would take just way too much disk space, so we have our commentators do it for us. Straight from the Death Buster Headquarters we have Mimet & Eudial!

Mimet: Hi everyone! I love action, alright, so we have Mercury & Neptune battling! YAY! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Eudial: Quiet, the fight has begun. It seems that Neptune has taken off somewhere, Mercury has pushed her earring, and her visor goes down! Wait... wait... she's scanning... scanning... she's found Neptune!
Mimet:Oooh, that Shabon Spray had to hurt!! OH! Neptune's getting up!
Eudial: Don't forget, Mimet-chan, Shabon Spray is the weakest of any attack except Pink Sugar Heart Attack.
Mimet: Oh yea... ACK! How sneaky! Neptune has jumped right over Mercury's head and bashed her on the head with her mirror!
Eudial: It's perfectly in the rules, Mimet. AH! Mercury is trying to counter with a sweep to the legs!
Mimet: Neptune jumps back... She's raising her hands above her head... DEEP SUBMERGE! YES! The Knock goes straight to Mercury's head!
Eudial: Looks Like Mercury-chan better hurry up and get up, Neptune is pointing her mirror at her.
Mimet: This is better than soap operas... oh the suspense, what is Neptune going to do? Submarine Reflection! Wow! And I thought that was a weak attack!
Eudial: Mercury has been defeated! That was a rather quick ending... hope everyone bet on Neptune. Till next time everyone...
Mimet & Eudial: Ja ne!

As you can see..she has absolutely no chance against Sailor Neptune, thanx for trying Mercury-chan.

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