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Welcome to the Anti-Mercury page, from the makers of the former Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway and the Sailor Senshi Page.

This page was made for no reason at all. Originally, it was to show the world how much she sucked, but it's turned more into a source of entertainment.
Unlike some Anti-Pages *cough*No Mars Club*cough*, we both do see that Mercury is important to the show. We aren't trying to say kick her out...Don't take things so seriously, we're just messing around. Neither Jackie nor Janelle care enough about Mercury to start some wacky club or campaign against her. This site remains alive today because of the wonderful fans, both those who hate Mercury and those who love her. Thank you, all our fans, for understanding that this is only entertainment and that even if you do love Mercury, other people have different opinions and the right to express them.

Mercury-Hate Propaganda
Janelle's Reasons for Hating Mercury
Why Jackie hates Mercury
Those Oh-So-Terrible People, Miaka & Michiru
Flame FAQ
The Flames - New New New!

Senshi Death Match ™
**The following pages are graphic, and reminiscent of Celebrity Death Match ™ You have been warned.**
Sailor Mercury Vs....

Newest Contender! - by Janelle
Jar Jar Binks - by Janelle
Neo Sailormercury - by Janelle
Ayanami Rei - by Janelle
Tuxedo Kamen - by Janelle
Anti-Sailor Mercury - by Janelle
Sailor Venus - by Jackie

Sailor Mars - by Janelle
Sailor Jupiter - by Jackie
Sailor Saturn - by Janelle
Sailor Pluto - by Jackie
Sailor Chibimoon - by Janelle
Sailor Uranus - by Jackie
Sailor Neptune - by Janelle

Nooo, she's not dead, she's just taking a long, long nap...

Yeehaw! We won our first award!

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