Senshi Vs. Senshi
This Month's Contenders...


Vital Statistics

Sailor Mercury                               Sailor Saturn
Name: Mizuno Ami                             Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Birthday: September 10                       Birthday: January 6
Blood Type: A                                Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Reading, chess                        Hobby: Reading
Senshi Position: Inner                       Senshi Position: Outer
Element: Water                               Element: Death & Rebirth
Fighting Style: Defensive                    Fighting Style: Offensive
Secret Weapons: None                         Secret Weapons: Silence Glaive
Damaging Attack: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody       Damaging Attack: Death Reborn Revolution

Okay, so how exactly would Sailor Mercury match up to Sailor Saturn? Well, we put both Sailor Senshi in a high-tech space age computers, and we took the information supplied by us and a special team of animators to come up with the ultimate match up! Unfortunately, the animation would take just way too much disk space, so we have our commentators do it for us. Straight from the Death Buster Headquarters we have Professor Tomoe Souichi & Kaolinite

Souichi: Welcome to today's match-up, The Most Powerful of all Sailor Senshi, the Goddess of Ruin, the Silent Messiah, the Soldier of Death and Rebirth--
Kaolinite: Not to mention, his daughter.
Kaolinite: Versus, the ever popular, ever weak, ever blue, Sailor Mercury.
Souichi: What a beautiful fight this will be, make your Papa proud, Hotaru-chan!
Kaolinite: And the battle has begun. Sailor Saturn has a very cold look on her face. She isn't moving...
Souichi: Mercury decides to take the initiative and shouts Mercury Aqua Rhapsody... She better use her strongest against Saturn.
Kaolinite: Saturn still has not moved, she's merely smiling as the attack flies toward her! Duck Saturn! DUCK!!!!!
Souichi: Have some faith in Hotaru-chan... See, look at that! I knew she'd come through. Sailor Saturn disintegrated the watery attack with her eerie aura.
Kaolinite: Saturn-san's eyes... are scaring me... They're glowing purple.
Souichi: Uh oh... She's raising her Glaive to the sky, the air is thick and silent. Mercury has lowered her visor and is frantically throwing attacks everywhere, but Saturn is repelling them with the Silence Wall.
Kaolinite: The Glaive is gathering violet energy... She... she can't be doing Death Reborn Revolution, could she?!
Souichi: Nonsense. Death Reborn Revolution was done in the manga; the creators of this Senshi Vs. Senshi would have no idea of all the minor entailings of the attack, so she must be doing Death Ribbon Revolution. That won't destroy the world.
Kaolinite: But you forget that the creators are fanfic writers with dark imaginations! OHMYGOD! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!
Souichi: Calm down Kaori-kun! Mercury is huddling in a corner; she's quite brilliant... I think she knows what's going to happen.
Kaolinite: I'm too young and beautiful to die! Souichi-san, I love you... I had to let you know that!
Souichi: Get off me Kaori-kun! I love only Keiko! MUWAHAHAHAHA, go Hotaru-chan! Show them who's the best!
Kaolinite: The Glaive is full of energy, Saturn has closed her glowing eyes, her mouth muttered the words, 'Death Reborn Revolution.' YOU WERE WRONG! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIEE!!!!!!!
Souichi: BWAAhHAhAHAHAHAHA! Look at all the ribbons, they're flying all over the place! They've slashed Mercury into tiny little chunks like the little chunks of chicken Hotaru-chan likes in her noodles.
Kaolinite: YOU'RE INSANE!!!! That's disgusting and demented! The earth is shaking! It's the End of the World!!!!!!
Souichi: Don't worry, we can rebuild it! But since it looks like we're about to die, we better sign off!
Souichi & Kaolinite: Sayonara!
Static... and then Silence...

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