Senshi Vs. Senshi
This Month's Contenders...


Vital Statistics

Sailor Mercury                               The First Child
Name: Mizuno Ami                             Name: Ayanami Rei
Birthday: September 10                       Birthday: ?
Blood Type: A                                Blood Type: ?
Hobby: Reading, chess                        Hobby: ?
Senshi Position: Inner                       Senshi Position: N/A
Element: Water                               Element: N/A
Fighting Style: Defensive                    Fighting Style: Whatever is told of her
Secret Weapons: None                         Secret Weapons: Evangelion Unit 00
Damaging Attack: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody       Damaging Attack: How's an Eva for ya?

Okay, so how exactly would Sailor Mercury match up to Ayanami Rei of the hit show Shin Seiki Evangelion? Well, we put both Sailor Senshi in a high-tech space age computers, and we took the information supplied by us and a special team of animators to come up with the ultimate match up! Unfortunately, the animation would take just way too much disk space, so we have our commentators do it for us. Straight from the Death Buster Headquarters we have Viluy & Eudial

Eudial: Welcome minna-san, we have something VERY special for you today! Never before has a Sailor Senshi contended against another anime character, let alone one that isn't even in a shoujo anime! You have Viluy to thank for this accomplishment.
Viluy: was nothing.
Eudial: Well, for those of you don't know, Sailor Mercury will be fighting the beautiful, disturbing, mysterious girl from the future, Ayanami Rei. Ayanami has no special magical attacks, I wonder how she'll do this...Oh, well, we're about to find out.
Viluy: Souichi, turn up the audio!
Eudial: Oh, here's Ayanami..
Ayanami Rei: "Hello, Ami. Do you love your mother? Why do you do the things that you do? Is it because you are afraid that you cannot be loved unless you are intelligent?"
Viluy: What's this?! Where's the carnage?!
Eudial: Sailor Mercury looks confused and a bit upset, she's taken out her Aqua Harp.
Ayanami Rei: "You know you are weak, is that why you're trying to attack me? Do you love yourself?"
Viluy: I know Rei's the most introspective character in Evangelion, but this is ridiculous, DO SOMETHING--OOOH! Mercury crashes the Aqua Harp over Rei's head, that's just GOTTA hurt.
Eudial: Rei's unphased! Why does she look so emotionless and soulless? She's letting Mercury beat the crap out of her! Owwwww...whoever thought the compact computer could be used in such a horrid way.
Viluy: This is the first time that Mercury's ever been so close to winning. Ayanami is on the floor, she'll bleed to death.
Eudial: YEA MERCURY! Way to kick her ass! I think she's bitter from all her losses, it looks like we'll have a new, boot to the head.
Ayanami Rei: "You hate yourself, don't you Sailor Mercury? You're afraid to be alone."
Viluy: How deep, but now is not the time for it. God, someone get Mercury a tranquilizer!
Eudial: Hey do you see a shadow forming over Sailor Mercury?--
Viluy: *wince* How on EARTH can Ayanami take all this pain? It's as if she doesn't care. How..disturbing. Mercury doesn't care tho, she's freezing the girl with her Shabon Spray Freezing
Eudial: Ayanami popsicles, any one?
Viluy: Eew! She's going to smash the giant Ayanami ice cube in a billion pieces with her Aqua Harp! Gross!
Eudial: SICK! There's Ayanami bits EVERYWHERE!!! Viluy: Mercury wins! Yay! Whoo!!
Eudial: No..wait...look, the little pieces are forming together a la Terminator 2. What the...
Viluy: AAAAHH! It's Eva-00!!! EW! It just stomped on Sailor Mercury! GROSS! There's blood all over the window!
Eudial: I guess...Ayanami...won...I guess...
Viluy: Umm..yeah..
Ayanami Rei: *turning to Eudial and Viluy* "Why do you hide from violence behind a glass screen? Is it because you are afraid to face reality? Do you hate yourself?" Eudial: Let's get outta here!
Viluy: Till next time! JA!

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