Mercury Sucks Because...

Here is why I think Ami sucks. First of all, I really don't care if you think so or not. Second, I am not at all jealous of her, which is really laughable, since I love Michiru, and she is so much better than Ami will ever be.

  • She has no life. She's the only Senshi who would sharpen her pencils for _excitement_. All she does is study or do homework. That's it. Can you imagine a series about her, *only* about her? On next week's episode: Ami-chan debates whether to do her hardest homework first, or be a rebel and start with the easiet homework? Ooh, real excitement there. No, the fact that she had Urawa for two whole episodes doesn't mean anything. The lame, so called boyfriend doesn't even appear after his second guest appearance!

  • She's ugly. Half the time, it looks like her hair is glued to her head! Michiru's hair looks so much better, and Michiru is also the prettiest Sailor Senshi. Plus the fact that Ami has really bad taste in clothes adds to her unattractiveness, while Michiru really knows how to dress with her elegance. Example: Ami wore this ugly black shirt in the S episode where Minako and Usagi were stalking Haruka while Michiru's gray jacket and her skirt with her hair up looks really good [Minako heart crystal episode].

  • She says the dumbest things. Her comments are always so odd or they just restate the obvious. Like in the R movie, she comments on Mamoru's relationship with Fioret by saying, "It appears that Mamoru is popular with the guys as well." Can we say inappropriate and just plain WEIRD?

  • Her henshin sequence. She looks constipated at the end. ^_-

  • She's overrated. I don't see why she's the most popular of the Sailor Senshi. Ami isn't the prettiest since the Outer Senshi and Rei are way prettier than she is. She's smart... but so is Michiru. She's rich... so are Haruka and Michiru. She can swim... so can Michiru. Ami has no other talents that make her seem better than anyone... while Michiru can also paint and play the violin. Mercury isn't even the strongest! Oh no, don't hurt me with your Shabon Spray! Nooo! :P Neptune's Deep Submerge would kill an enemy in an instant. Besides, anytime Mercury actually DOES anything, she has to use her stupid visor and mini supercomputer! Can we say dependent on a machine's intellect? Sure, I knew you could. Anyway, even with the help of her lil' items, it takes her an hour to figure anything out! And sometimes she just uses them for the heck of it, when they're useless! Example: The ep where Mimete dies. She uses her visors to find the mice, but they didn't help her at all, since she discovered them the moment they lept out, and any other Senshi could have seen them fine!

    Still need proof? Check out Saturn's list.

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