Feel the Burn!

To be honest, this page gets very, very few flames. Why? Because I think most rational human beings can tell that this isn't made to be taken seriously...and also, most people don't like to waste their time insulting people they don't even know. But...well, I said rational human beings...and there are alot of people on earth who aren't rational, so let's share some of these great flames!

The Scatrophilia

What's with Sailormercury fans spelling 'retarded' so badly? Why does Sailormercury apparently have the stupidest fans on the web? If I were her, I'd feel so horrible that the people who loved me are such insanely immature, narrow-minded people. Miss/Mr. Keeperoftheages has some some sort of unhealthy fascination with the human excrement. Is this person 10 years old? Who the hell says "poop" when they want to insult someone? Honey, if you want to make an impact its "eats shit." Only middle school children who think cursing is bad say "poop." "I can't believe you hate her!" As if the rest of the world has to bow down to your authority. I can't wait till you get to high school and get the harassment you deserve.

The Wiener Girl